Angel Retrievers has breeding and training facilities in California, Texas, and New Hampshire, designed to provide excellent family pets, and started assistance dogs for the disabled.

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers & English Labrador Retrievers go to their adopters both healthy and trained. Because we engage with each puppy through training, with continued lifetime lessons for each and every dog, we are well aware of the temperaments our breeding program will produce.

We are a breeder of QUALITY – not quantity.

Our professional staff handle the puppies daily from the moment they are born. The structure, enrichment, socialization, temperament testing, and training are carried over through the lifetime of every dog. Each owner receives multiple hours of in-person or virtual introductory lessons with instruction on how to reinforce the training their pup already knows. In addition, each owner also has the option of continued training lessons and follow-up, at least once per month, for the lifetime of the dog. Not only does this allow pet owners to stay on top of their dog’s behavior, but also gives instruction to those who wish to finish a dog in assistance training for the disabled.


The true benefit to adopting an Angel Retriever goes far beyond the fact that you are receiving a healthy dog from a quality breeding program – or even that the puppy comes to you started in its training … the true benefit is that we KNOW this dog! It is certainly wonderful to have trainers available before and after you take your new puppy home – but the best part is that this is the RIGHT puppy for YOU to take home. We’ve spent months getting to know this puppy – and not just through observation – but through intentional interaction in training sessions and temperament testing. Every adopter has a unique hole to fill. Look at it like a puzzle piece. Every detail that makes your life unique, adds another angle to your missing puzzle piece. If you have children under 8 that adds one angle, if you have a cat that adds another, your lifestyle, your personality and your needs all add new angles. You don’t want to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. You want a dog who will fit perfectly into that puzzle piece. We will not offer you a dog unless we feel strongly that it meets every check box that makes you unique.

What Makes Us Different

Every English Cream Golden Retriever or English Labrador Retriever pup that leaves our facility comes with an incredible health guarantee, giving you up to 3 years of reassurance (2-years longer than the most reputable breeders out there). Kinderpups, Masters, and Graduates also receive our unconditional behavioral support for life which goes far beyond a simple email here and there; we will schedule zoom calls, phone calls, or in-person training sessions to meet your needs. And if you adopt a Preschooler, we want to make these sessions available for you, too.

We are CONFIDENT because we know our dogs. We are familiar with their pedigrees (most of which are European); each breeding dog has received the highest quality medical screenings (DNA, ICT, EIC, hips, elbows, heart, and eyes); and our professional trainers are the very best instructors in the industry, BAR NONE! Where else can you get trainers who have served in service dog court trials as expert witnesses, with over 20-years experience training pets and assistance dogs, with hundreds of certified service dogs out changing the world, to actually meet with you face-to-face to guide you through individual details that make you and your dog unique?

Because we know each dog so well, we take the time to seek an adopter who is a good match for them based on the adopter’s personality, needs, lifestyle, and home environment, for both pets, and future assistance dogs.

Sadly, the majority of puppies produced from breeders are pumped out in mass quantities with their parents housed in row after row of kennels. Our breeding dogs do not spend their days in kennels, but instead are bathing in the sunshine, swimming in free-access ponds, visiting a hospital to provide therapy, or cuddling on the couch next to their best friend. And while our puppies receive crate training, they don’t spend their school days in a kennel either. When they aren’t in class receiving their private instruction, they too are enjoying  the great outdoors – or even better yet, they may be in one of our prison programs cuddling with one of our dedicated inmate trainers who have devoted their time in seeing service dogs go on to assist the disabled.

To ensure we do not fall victim to the breeder’s trap of quantity and mass production, we have gotten creative to spread our dogs out across the United States for a quality training program. . . .

Angel Retrievers and Little Angels Service Dogs have come together to provide quality dogs from  ranches in California, Texas, and New Hampshire.

Assistance dogs must have a temperament different than most pet dogs and will be placed based on their natural talents, propensities, and personalities. We can place them for continued training as mobility, autism, psychiatric, hearing, diabetic, or seizure alert assistance dogs. Lessons are included at no additional fee, every month, for the life of your dog. While we encourage in-person training sessions, virtual lessons through Zoom and Facetime are also an option. Because of this, Angel Retrievers is a good option even for those who are coming to us from out of state. For more information on fully trained assistance dogs you should visit

Our breeding dogs come from actual champion bloodlines, and many are directly imported from all over the world. Adoption fees are not only based on the bloodline of each pup, but also the level of training they have received. General adoption fees are listed on our Options page in 4 separate categories; Preschoolers, Kinder Pups, Graduates, and Masters.