Available Dogs

In 2023 we have dozens of dogs in training at our 3 different ranches across the nation. Some of these dogs will be suitable as assistance dogs, and others as beloved family pets. 

Trained Pets are often available immediately.

Those interested in an Assistance Dog can fill out an application, and if we feel you are a good match for our program, you will be added to our waiting list.


Angel Retrievers has 3 English Cream Golden Retriever females available for adoption into Guardian Homes.

Guardian Homes are individuals or families who wish to receive a FREE trained dog from our program, in exchange for providing a loving, caring environment. The Guardian Home adopts the dog into their home as a member of their family and will take their dog to breeding appointments at the veterinarian or our kennel. The Guardian Home cares for the dog while she is pregnant and may choose to either raise the puppies themselves, or to return the dog to our ranch for a few weeks while the puppies are born and raised.

If the Guardian Home chooses to raise the puppies in their own home, Angel Retrievers will financially reimburse them for their time and expenses.

Interested adopters should fill out an application on our Adoptions Page.