English Creme Golden Retrievers

Paisley is available to be ‘adopted’ by a foster family who would be willing to take loving care of her between litters of puppies. This is an opportunistic way to acquire a lovely, healthy, trained dog, without paying an adoption fee. That’s right – no fee! This is quite a deal, because dogs like Paisley generally come with an adoption fee of $15,000. Not only is Paisley drop-dead-gorgeous, with a heart full of gold,  but she comes with training support for life! While you won’t be paying in cash, your investment comes in the form of helping us care for Paisley while she is still a momma. Paisley is still in our breeding program and we expect that she will have another 3 litters of pups before she is 7-years-old. As a breeding foster you would ‘adopt’ her, take her home to live with your family, love her with every bit of your heart, be her chauffeur when she needs a ride to visit her boyfriend (usually once a year), another trip or two to the cryobank or veterinary clinic, and then care for and love her puppies when she is a momma again. Puppies can live with the foster family anywhere from 5-8 weeks of age, whatever the foster is comfortable with. Once the pups have outgrown your home they would come to live at the Little Angels Ranch, where we work on training and placing them with recipients on our waiting list.

Please note that adopters must:

1) Reside in Southern California.

2) Have plans to reside in Southern California for the next 5 years.

3) Not have an unneutered male dog living within the home.

4) Have availability to stay home with a new litter of puppies during their first 2-weeks of life, without leaving the home for periods of over 4 hours at a time. Paisley will not have more than one litter of puppies per year, for the next three years.

5) Have the ability to financially support Paisley’s food, veterinary, and toy costs (she loves to chew), for the rest of her life. Angel Retrievers will pay for all breeding and puppy costs.

Paisley is a 2-year-old, double registered English Cream Golden Retriever we imported directly from the Ukraine. She is silly, sweet, and absolutely adores her people. Her temperament is very versatile as she is both confident and sensitive – a rare find.


Paisley has passed her medical clearances nicely for PennHIP, and OFA for elbows, heart and eyes. She is a gorgeous, sweet, and patient girl. She adores people – especially children. She is featured at the end of the second video on our available page.

If you are interested in Paisley please send us a short 2-3 minute video showing us the living space where Paisley would reside, as well as a video description from you and your family as to why you believe you were meant for each other. You can email your video directly to Director@littleangelssd.org.