Harley is a one-year-old English Labrador Retriever with an $11,000 adoption fee. She was raised and trained by dedicated trainers and fosters in the Little Angels Service Dogs program. Harley loves her people, but she likes to meet people before she warms up. She’s met plenty of adults, children and other dogs and ends up doing well with all of them, but takes a little more time to warm up to men. She has barked at strangers in the past since she can be nervous about first meetings. It is this trait which will keep her from having public access as a service dog, but she would be a wonderful pet for the right family. She is super petite at around 45 lbs. Let’s call her a Pocket Lab. She has been trained in all of her obedience and is so good at it, you can hardly feel her walking at your side on a leash; just like a feather. She also knows deep pressure therapy and alert, so could offer some assistance in the home. She is playful, but REALLY calms down when told to. Again, like a feather.  Harley has mastered, and comes with, the following:

Obedience Training on leash and understands sit, down, come, stay for at least ten minutes when the handler is out of sight, and will walk nicely on a leash with the use of a head-halter, or a chain collar, and should also perform a brief off-leash heel.
Assistance Training Started and understands the use of a clicker to teach more complicated commands, and has been fully trained in alert, touch, watch me, and Deep Pressure Therapy for at least 45 seconds.
Field Trip Socialization has been started for Harley, however, she should only go where pets go as she will not receive public access as a service dog.
3-Year Health Guarantee which covers ANY medical condition your dog is born with, which includes, but is not limited to, hip dysplasia, elbow, heart, or eye conditions. This is 2-years longer than other reputable breeders and does not include any ‘fine print’.
Includes a lifetime of virtual lessons.
♦ Your puppy also comes with a FREE CRATE, COLLAR, HEAD HALTER, LEASH, and COMFORT TOY which they are familiar with to encourage ease of stress in their new home.