Lilo is a one-year-old English Labrador Retriever with an $11,000 adoption fee. She was raised and trained by dedicated trainers and fosters in the Little Angels Service Dogs program. Lilo loves engaging with adults, children, and other animals, but she can also bark when strangers approach. Because of her barking she isn’t suitable as an assistance dog that has public access, but will be a fabulous pet or in-home utility dog, where she can assist with a disability in the home. Lilo is a spunky, active dog who always has a pep in her step. She would be best suited in a home with children over 6 and an active family who will exercise her daily.  Lilo has mastered, and comes with, the following:

Obedience Training on leash and understands sit, down, come, stay for at least ten minutes when the handler is out of sight, and will walk nicely on a leash with the use of a head-halter, or a chain collar, and should also perform a brief off-leash heel.
Assistance Training Started and understands the use of a clicker to teach more complicated commands, and has been fully trained in alert, touch, watch me, retrieval of items, and Deep Pressure Therapy for at least 45 seconds.
Field Trip Socialization has been extensive for Leila and she has been in a wide variety of locations, however, she should only go where pets go as she will not receive public access as a service dog.
3-Year Health Guarantee which covers ANY medical condition your dog is born with, which includes, but is not limited to, hip dysplasia, elbow, heart, or eye conditions. This is 2-years longer than other reputable breeders and does not include any ‘fine print’.
Includes an Introductory 8-hour Instructional Class, AND 4-hours of Private Lessons in how to reinforce and manage day-to-day life with your new pup, as well as …
Lifetime Lessons which are available at least once a month, free of charge, to work on behavioral issues, work on reinforcing the training your dog already knows, or to grow in that training whether you hope to pursue a higher level of obedience, competition, therapy dog work, or assistance dog training.
♦ Your puppy also comes with a FREE CRATE, COLLAR, HEAD HALTER, LEASH, and COMFORT TOY which they are familiar with to encourage ease of stress in their new home.